Webinarium on WORLD ART DAY 15th of April

8 april 2021

On World Art Day 15th of April 2021 we are hosting two talks in an online webinar. The seminar is free for all interested parties to take part in, but we need you to sign up.

Webinarium 15th of April, 09.30-11.00

Talk 1. 9.30-10.15.

Public art and public-funded art. NORDISKA MODELLEN. Why is the Nordic cooperation important?


Annukka Vahasoyrinki, Director The Artist association in Finland.

Annukka Vähäsöyrinki works as the Director at the Artists' Association of Finland (AAF). As the national advocacy organisation for visual arts, AAF promotes the status and working conditions of over 3000 professional artists and strengthens the role of visual arts in society by actively participating in cultural policy development. Previously, Vähäsöyrinki has held various expert and management positions within the field of art and culture, including Head of Programmes at the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux in Brussels, Special Advisor at the Nordic Culture Point in Helsinki and Director at Titanik Gallery in Turku. She holds a master's degree in Comparative Literature from Turku University and a master’s degree in Visual Culture & Contemporary Art from Aalto University.


Moa Björnson, utvecklingschef kommunen Traena, Norway.


Moderator: Zandra Thuvesson.


Talk 2. 10.15-11.00

Working as an artist during pandemic times – what is that like? Censorship in the light of Covid-19?


Omuz group, Turkey.

Omuz is a solidarity network—initiated by a group of people working in the arts and culture who believe in the urgency of unreciprocated resource sharing and cooperation—which will only be sustainable through the support of others. Omuz was established to respond to the economic precarity and inequalities, whicbecame acutely visible during the COVID-19 pandemic and to strengthen the network of solidarity. Omuz is a sharing network among those working and producing in the arts, bringing together those who want to receive financial support with those who want to give support.

Jeremy Deller

Deller is an English conceptual, video and installation artist. He won the Turner Prize in 2004. Much of Deller's work is collaborative; it has a strong political aspect, in the subjects dealt with and also the devaluation of artistic ego through the involvement of other people in the creative process.


Sara Edström, Head of umbrella organization/union for visual artists Konstnärernas Riksorganisation in Sweden.

Moderator: Zandra Thuvesson


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