World Art Day - State of Artistic Freedom 2020 Report Launch

4 april 2020

To celebrate World Art Day 2020, we launch the State of Artistic Freedom Report and discuss the current state for arts and culture in 2020.

Unesco Sweden, Freemuse, Konstnärernas Riksorganisation and the Swedish Arts Council invite you to a digital breakfast seminar discussing the current state of artistic freedom globally. The seminar will be livestreamed on YouTube.

The encouragement of diverse cultures and tolerance and expressions of these mean encouragement of democratic participation in society for all.

As the world collectively shifts online in isolation, what does this mean for the state of artistic freedom? In some countries, this means mass surveillance and censorship. In others, this equates to even more losses to the civil society space and cultural sphere. In the only public space that we can access – online and social media platforms – this means further limitations on women and LGBTI persons, specific groups that even under normal circumstances face severe targeting which limits their artistic freedom.

The state of artistic freedom is in a critical state. On World Art Day, we invite you to join the conversation about the state of art and culture, its challenges and how together we can improve the right to freedom of artistic expression for all.

The seminar will:

Be moderated by Zandra Thuvesson, Cultural Policy Strategist, Konstnärernas Riksorganisation

Include keynote addresses from Amanda Lind, Minister for Culture and Democracy, Sweden; Hilde Klemetsdal, Director for Human Rights, Democracy and Gender Equality in the Norwegian Ministry of foreign Affairs; and Kajsa Ravin, Director General, Swedish Arts Council

Feature the presentation of the State of Artistic Freedom 2020 report by Dr Srirak Plipat, Freemuse Executive Director.

Include a panel discussion with Sara Edström - Artist and Chair of Konstnärernas Riksorganisation; Anna Strömbäck, Director, Swedish Arts Grants Committee; Staffan Smedby, Head of Unit for Democracy and Human Rights, SIDA; Brittis Edman, Head of Policy at Amnesty International Sweden; and Nora Al Badri, visual/media artist.

Feature a musical performance.

Join the conversation on Twitter #artisticfreedomSAF20

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