Making a Living Making a Life

Making a Living Making a Life

What is revealed in moments of crisis about the resilience or fragility of the ways in which artists currently make a living? Where do we find examples of artistic lives sustained by unexpected forms of social and economic relationship? In April 2021, Konstnärernas Riksorganisation brought together six artists from Sweden and the UK for a digital roundtable in order to “think aloud and together” about the strategies by which people make a life around the work of art. This was a search for clues,

To lead into this conversation, we invited the social thinker and writer Dougald Hine to share some thoughts and questions about artistic livelihoods and their long-term sustainability, drawing on his experiences as co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project and a school called HOME, as well as his work as leader of artistic development at Riksteatern.

The outcome was published as a special appendix to the magazine Konstnären in June 2021. The publication has been developed by Konstnärernas Riksorganisation as part of the project Konststartskommissionen, with support by the Swedish Arts Council.

Project manager and co-editor: Geska Helena Brečević.
Writer and co-editor: Dougald Hine.
Publisher: Eva Månsson.
Design: Markus Edin.
Cover: Caroline Ross. Untitled drawing for an article on Norse creation myths by Andreas Kornevall. Hand made copper acetate and iron gall inks on paper, 2019.

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Making a Living Making a Life

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