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Swedish Artists’ Association is an organization for professional visual artists, craftsmen and designers. The organizations task is to represent artists in political issues concerning art and to strengthen artists' financial and social situation. Swedish Artists’ Association has made a lot of political progress and gains for better conditions since the start 1937. But there is still a lot of challenges to deal with. Do you want to join us? Apply for membership here.

KRO, the Swedish Artists' National Organization and KIF, the Association of Swedish Craftsmen and Industrial Designers, have from Januari 1st 2016 merged into one organisation - the Swedish Artists' Association. The task of the Swedish Artists' Association is to represent Swedish visual artists in political issues concerning art and artists' financial and social situation. 

The Swedish Artists' Association is active both locally and regionally, as well as nationally and internationally. Our natural discussion partners include the Swedish Parliament and Government, authorities, institutions, universities and colleges, local authorities, the business community, and national and international cultural organisations. The organization publish the magazine KONSTNÄREN.

The MU agreement – Agreement of Payment of  Artists for Participation and Exhibition

In 2009, the Swedish government adopted a new agreement for remuneration to artists for the display of work. The MU agreement – a ‘participation and exhibition remuneration agreement’ – which covers payment to artists for display of work, as a kind of ‘rent’. This is additional to other kinds of financial compensation for an exhibition, such as transport, installation, publication, etc. The agreement makes it clear that all work the artist undertakes at exhibitions – before, during and after the show – is to be governed by a written contract and remunerated outside the framework of the exhibition fee.

The agreement was signed by the Swedish Arts Council, as the representative of the Swedish state, and the Swedish Artists Association (KRO/KIF), the Association of Swedish Illustrators and the Swedish Photographers Association. It is binding on all public institutions with an exhibiting role, and provides guidance for all professional exhibition organisers in receipt of public funding. 
The agreement was last updated in January 2018.

Read PDF  Read more about the MU Agreement.

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Central issues:

  • increasing the number of job opportunities in the sector
  • strengthening protection of artists authors rights
  • strengthening the position of artists in society
  • reaching agreements on fees and working conditions
  • increasing artists influence on the art scene

Swedish Artists' Association is a member of:

Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige, the Visual Copyright Society in Sweden, is an economic association. The society fosters the common copyright issues of visual and design artists, illustrators, photographers, designers and other creators of images and design. Bildupphovsrätttdraw up arguments and distribute royalties to those whose works are used.

The International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP), http://www.aiap-iaa.org/front3.htm, is a non-govermental organization in partnership with Unesco. The objectives are to stimulate international coorperation among the artists of all countries. IAA Europe, http://www.iaa-europe.eu, is a network of about 40 national member organisations within Europe, representing professional visual artists.

NNCA - Nordic Network of Crafts Associations 
NNCA is a network collaboration which shall be a meeting place and a continuing dialogue between the Nordic crafts associations. NNCA's aim is to strengthen the organisations in their work to develop the crafts scene nationally and internationally. 


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